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Bonk.io is one in every of dozens of popular .io online games and is a completely easy yet addicting multiplayer recreation that puts you in opposition to other humans in an all-out battle royale.

customize your person (circle) beside you want and fight up to a few other humans is considered one of the loads of different, player-customized maps. survive in an ever-shifting surroundings or push each other from the screen as a way to be the closing one standing! The possibilities are endless! Do you have the abilities to make it in Bonk.io?

Welcome to Bonk.io! Bonk is a multiplayer physics recreation, for up to eight gamers straight away. Push your opponents off the brink of the extent, the last man standing wins! war your pals or everybody from anywhere within the global in closing guy standing or team-based matches.

Bonk.io is a quick-paced multiplayer sport, knock your enemies off the display and be the final one status to win! Play on lots of user-created degrees, and make your personal and play on them with the community!